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Overview of what we do for you:

Based on our global success within the POS sector with our award-winning Eco-3D card shaping technology, we are now partnering with consumer product designers to launch exciting sustainable card-based innovations. Using just two layers of substrate (background and Front) to produce a seamless replication with full photoreal perspective, these dimensional conversions can be designed for zero waste integrated packaging and shipped flat packed for low carbon logistics.


We are your Eco-3D digital studio, operating a unique, state-of-the-art digital conversion service. Using our proprietary software and the latest AI technology we provide 3D design transformations for forward thinking, sustainability conscious developers of paper-based products who have relevant licences in place and strong retail networks. We convert and create print-ready digital die lines, known as master files, that you or your approved manufacturers use to print and die cut photo realistic, card-based 3D products for make-your-own, fun to do, consumer applications.

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