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how it works


How it works:


Establishing a partnership synergy, we work with you to set up a test phase converting your strongest licenced images and virtual prototyping of applications for the best photorealistic results. Some great examples of Eco-3D applications suitable for all ages include pop-out posters, pop-up greetings cards, 3D calendars, activity books, colouring-in kits, and much more.

The next stage is for us to create some studio samples for you to review.
This involves our studio converting your flat images and making in-house paper models for you to receive, review, and share with the licensor for approval.

Our team can then lay out the approved die lines at manufacturing specifications in our predesigned, patent pending, design templates. These are then sent to your creative designers to add your branding and refine into a retail ready product. We have developed our templates to integrate the product, along with your branding, to eliminate extra packaging – single-use plastics are never used.

Product can be converted from as little as a single SKU to a full range of applications. Additionally, you can opt for our full 3D design service, including halo-effect retail display solutions fitted with interactive headers to display and demonstrate a fully pre-assembled product popping out above or alongside the merchandise.

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